Super simple one here, if you've got a notion URL in your clipboard you can quickly whack it into this script and have it open it in your local notion app instead of the browser. If the URL you've got is a notion:// URL then it'll open in the app by just clicking it, however, often colleagues share regular https:// Notion URLs and I prefer to look at the resource in my local version of the app instead of having that open and also Notion tabs in the browser!

Open open-notion-url-in-notion-app in Script Kit

// Name: Open Notion URL in Notion App
// Description: Open a Notion URL in the desktio Notion App instead of the browser
// Author: Josh Davenport-Smith
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
const url = await arg('What is the Notion URL?');
if (!url.includes('')) {
throw new Error('Not a Notion URL');
await applescript(String.raw`
tell application "Notion"
open location "${url}"
end tell